Tile & Grout

Put that dirty mop and bucket away! There is no need to swirl that dirt around on your tile and grout floors making them look worse than when you started. When your tile and grout becomes dull and dirty call Priceless Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Folsom, Ca. We have been cleaning commercial and residential tile and grout for many years in Folsom and the surrounding areas and we have become quite good at what we do.

We utilize powerful cleaning solutions with high pressure in orderĀ  to make your tile and grout look new again. Sometimes however stains will setup in the grout lines and no amount of cleaning will bring back its original color. That is why we also offer grout color sealing. Not only will grout color sealing protect your grout lines from future spills and stains but you can also choose from a rainbow of different colors giving your floors a whole new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing the tile and grout.

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